Our Team

Our Team of Cannabis Insurance Specialists have unique insights into the Cannabis Industry.
 It's our desire to help and educate our clients on their insurance needs.
We love what we do!


James Nelson, CEO
Alameda, CA
jnelson@newgrowthinsurance.com  510-734-9601

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Jayce DuPlanti

                                         Walla Walla, Washington
               jduplanti@newgrowthinsurance.com  (509) 939-8295

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Ricsyhelle Davis

Los Angeles, C
 rdavis@newgrowthinsurance.com  (310) 213-4903

The Greenwing Agency:
Carlos Segovia, Ana Galvez,
Eddi Gallegos

                                            Los Angeles, CA
                       eddigallegos@outlook.com     (562) 287-3702